The Covert Overt

On this week’s episode of #TheFriendZone, we share our experiences with overt, covert and systemic racism. Stories ranging from trying to get apartments in NYC, racist co-workers, bosses and teachers gaslighting us, to traveling to white neighborhoods for groceries.

Black Business of the Week:

Wellness Segment: Bookclub pick for July - The Spirit of Intimacy by Sobonfu Somé

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US Bank - This episode is brought to you by Real Good by U.S. Bank. When the COVID-19 outbreak hit, people and businesses alike stepped up to provide relief to those in need. US Bank was at the forefront of that effort. They partnered with nonprofits around the country, donating millions to communities fighting to survive. But while Coronavirus created struggles we’ve never seen before, but it also shined a light on problems our communities face every day. Intersectional problems concerning race, wealth, health, education and so much more. To make a better world, to do real good, we need to learn from the experiences of those in the communities we serve and address the concerns underneath the surface. Each episode of the new podcast, Real Good, tells the stories of people that are truly making an impact, and the people whose lives were changed by their efforts. Listen and subscribe to Real Good wherever you get your podcasts.

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