373: Detox, Cleanse, Lose Weight and GLOW: An Amazing Cancer Healing Story with Elissa Goodman

What does it mean to cleanse? For many, the word throws up images of green juices and fasting. But that’s not quite accurate. You might be surprised to learn that you can cleanse in a gentler way. But you also need to go beyond diet if you want to really reset your body.

Elissa Goodman looks 20 years younger than her age; you might think she’s been blessed with great genes. But, she was not the healthiest child. She had a low immune system and was always sick. She got every type of virus, digestive issues, tonsillitis, chickenpox, chronic fatigue - you name it, she had it. To make matters worse, she felt unworthy compared to her high-achieving Type A personality parents.

Fast-forward to adulthood, Elissa went to college, got into advertising, and climbed that corporate ladder because she was determined to make her parents proud. But she wasn’t following her passion or purpose. She just worked. And got sicker. And one day she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

She knew that this was because she’d been sick most of her life and that her lymphatic system was full of toxins that she’d been unable to clear. But she hadn’t thought of the emotional aspect. The doctors she saw first just talked of chemo and freezing her eggs. But one of them was different. He sat her down and asked: Are you happy? Are you doing what you love? It was a turning point.

Elissa realized how miserable she’d been in her job and how much she disliked herself. She knew something had to change. She went 100% vegan, she started doing yoga, she went into talk therapy, and do emotional release work. She got rid of her cancer, but the radiation caused hypothyroidism. Then she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and celiac (two autoimmune conditions). And then her husband died of cancer. It was like a cascade of traumatic life events. That’s when she decided to go back to school and learn about nutrition so she could help her daughters stay healthy.

And that was it - she never looked back. She became a cleanse expert to help as many people as possible get healthy the easy way. Like her 1-week soup cleanse, which contains 45 different vegetables, is totally vegan and free from anything processed or GMO. She helps her clients to reset their body and brain so they can rejuvenate, re-energize, heal, and maintain a new, healthy lifestyle long-term.

Here are some of Elissa’s tips to reset your body:

  • Juicing - a fantastic way to get all those vitamins straight into your cells
  • Smoothies - packed with healthy fiber which helps cleanse your digestive system
  • Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables - the more the better (especially dandelion greens, cruciferous veg, and celery)
  • Take a good quality superfood powder 


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