Stuart Goldsmith “You’re a daywalker now, baby”

Stuart Goldsmith, stand-up, host of The Comedian’s Comedian podcast and ex-goth talks about his favourite spooky things including: Stu’s secret vampire past! Brandon Lee’s The Crow! Clive Barker! A sexy reboot of Bagpuss! Imposter syndrome! An unpleasant moment from the title sequence of The Equaliser! Noseybonk! A creepy-ass children’s rhyme about apples! Witches- bad, or victims of misogyny?! Xylophobia aka the fear of biting on wood! Funny Feet Fetishists! Blade! 

Plus –  Stuart and Sarah reveal the dark secrets to provoking an emotional response from your comedian guests; and Stuart turns the table on Sarah and reveals SHE was the thing she was scared of all along. Or something. (It’s VERY Com Com Pod.) 

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The Fear is a podcast where funny people talk about the things that scare us. In each episode comedy writer Sarah Morgan (@sarahlmorgan) asks her guests to bring in three fears - a scary moment from film or tv; a fear from their childhood, and a fear they live with now. It's Spooktacular! 

The theme music and production is by Tim Bazell.

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