Robin Ince Halloween Spooktacular

Happy Goth Christmas everybody! Join us for a grotesquely over-sized horror special with the hardest working man in showbiz, Robin Ince.

From the (dis)comfort of the Great Big Owl studio (boo-dio) Robin and Sarah share some spooky Veggie Sushi and a pint of tea, and enjoy a mind-bending chat-cocktail of (amongst other things).... comedian’s brains, sleep deprivation, Robin Williams, Inside Number 9, pages from Ceefax, Dead Line, The Fly, The Dead Zone, The Walking Dead, The Mist, The Road, Hollywood 'bad boys' vs problematic musical dentists, 1970s rabies panic, My Summer of Love, Prince of Darkness, Exorcist III, The Ninth Configuration, the horror comedy anthology Dead Funny Encore, Christopher Lee’s weird-ass Richard O’Brien penned drinking song...and so...much...more... Aw yeah, THIS is how you Halloween, buh-witches!

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Follow Robin: @robinince and buy his book “I’m A Joke And So Are You” at all good bookshops, living or dead. 

The Fear theme music by Tim Boo-zell. This podcast is a member of The Great Big Owl family. (Insert extra spooky owl noise here)


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