Ed Byrne “It scared the bejesus out of me”

In the last ep this series, (boooo) comedian ED BYRNE (Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week) talks about scary stuff including; hangover anxiety; toxoplasmosis; zombie ants; It Follows; A Quiet Place; the Vorvon “Space Vampire” from Buck Rogers In The 25th Century; a clip from an excellent 1970s documentary about Dracula fans; fears of demonic possession while Catholic; mad thoughts; and how fear helps you prepare for a tour…


Ed’s tour dates: 


The Dracula Business video aka “No Caption Can Do Justice To This Vampire Queen” (tweet via and thanks to @criticalprvrsn)


THE FEAR is a podcast where funny people talk about the things that scare us. In each episode, anxious comedy writer Sarah Morgan asks her guests to bring in three fears - a scary moment from film or tv; a fearfrom their childhood, and a fear they live with now. It's Spooktacular! 

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