Matt Pape Mixtape // 23-02-24

Numero Group has released a double A sided 7” featuring Joy Division covers by Bedhead and Codeine.

The first Joy Division cover I ever heard was probably by Paul Young. The second probably by Grace Jones. I didn’t like either, and actually hated the whole idea of a Joy Division cover with as much intensity as I loved the originals. There was nothing like Ian Curtis, there was nothing like the real thing, so why even try.

Over time I heard covers done by Midwest American bands - a slow core - tempered approach to the anguish, and I started paying more attention.

While not the real thing, Bedhead- Disorder & Codeine - Atmosphere - capture the spirit, like they have walked on fire and can’t feel it anymore.

Without seeking anyone’s approval, if you are a fan of Joy Division, I hope you enjoy it.

Features - Galaxie 500, Bedhead, Codeine, Low, Thurston Moore and more.

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