Ahrue Luster (Lions At The Gate, ex-Ill Nino, ex-Machine Head)

Doc welcomes Lions At The Gate guitarist, Ahrue Luster, to the show, and they. talk about how he moved around a lot growing up, moving to the Bay Area with thrash band, The Horde Of Torment, how he got the audition for Machine Head, what the experience of making The Burning Red with producer Ross Robinson was like, why he left Machine Head and ended up in Ill Nino so quickly, the challenges of learning the Latin guitar style, what the creative process with Ill Nino was like, how leaving the band, death in the family, and divorce caused him to reassess his whole life, and starting new band Lions At The Gate with his ex-Ill Nino bandmates.
This episode features the songs "Ignite" by Reign of Z and "Scapegoat" by Lions At The Gate.
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