Robert Trujillo (Metallica, Infectious Grooves, ex-Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Ozzy Osbourne)

Doc welcomes Metallica bass player, Robert Trujillo, to the show and they talk about Rob's early influences in R&B and Funk growing up in LA, how guitarist Rocky Goerge helped get him to join Suicidal Tendencies, how his funk bass playing style influenced Suicidal's sound, what led to the creation of Infectious Grooves, how one opportunity led to the next and he ended up playing with Ozzy, forming a community of musicians that he admires, how he developed his approach to professionalism within his career, how he has avoided the "rock star" attitude that plagues so many successful musicians, the real story behind him nailing his Metallica audition, and his advice on how to manage emotions and personalities within a band environment.
This episode features the songs "Falling Out" by Vallion, "Too Far" by Budderside, and "ManUNkind" by Metallica.
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