Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man, Quicksand, Old Man Gloom, ex-Converge)

Doc welcomes Cave In and Mutoid Man vocalist and guitarist, Stephen Brodsky, to the show and they talk about Cave In's early days and discovering his role as a vocalist, the impact of Until Your Heart Stops, what inspired the band's evolution to a less "metal" sound, pressure from a major label to write a hit with the Antennae album, moving to New York and starting Mutoid Man with Ben Kohler, what busking on the street taught him, how his role as a songwriter as evolved through the years, what his tricks of the trade are as far as guitar effects and amplifiers, and how he ended up playing with Quicksand.
This episode features the songs "Breaking Point" by Lockjaw and "New Reality" by Cave In.
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