Ellen Goldberg - Healing Through Palms and Cards

Tarot, astrology, and palmistry — ancient technologies for hearing messages from spirit. Ellen Goldberg has been a deep student of these interpretive practices for decades. She talks with Ken about what's really going on when you get a reading, where the insight originates from. They also discuss what it's like to live a life in devotion to interpretive, mystical currents. 

Ellen Goldberg is an internationally known teacher of palmistry and Tarot. She's the author of The Art and Science of Hand Reading, She is also founder and director of the School of Oracles, where she offers readings and in-depth professional trainings in palmistry and tarot. Ellen has been on the faculty of the New York Open Center since 1986, and is a psychotherapist with a private therapy practice in New York for more than 30 years.

Learn more about Ellen at schooloforacles.com.

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