Darius James - Voodoo Visions and Negrophobia

The writer Darius James explores the terrain where art meets spirit, at the Crossroads where the full range of energies are present. In 1992, Darius published the novel, Negrophobia -- a caustic, hallucinatory, knife blade of a book that was probably about a quarter century ahead of its time. Punk novelist Kathy Acker called him a genius. The novel is being re-released in a new edition by the New York Review of Books, and has been getting high profile recognition as a classic of American satire. In more recent years, Darius had his own awakening experience, which he discusses with Ken. His insights about the connection between creativity and spirituality are so smart and provocative, they’ll get you thinking. Toward the end of the episode, he treats us to a powerful reading of new writing -- you won't want to miss it.

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