Ben Sinclair - Maintaining High Maintenance

The wonderful HBO comedy High Maintenance followers a pot dealer, The Guy, as he makes his rounds by bike and visits the apartments of the Brooklynite characters that text him to arrange deliveries. The show captures the Brooklyn we know and love — and skewers it, ironically and affectionately. Ben Sinclair plays The Guy. He’s also the co-creator of the show. High Maintenance debuted as a no-budget indie web series, became a critics favorite, and got picked up by HBO, which allowed them to expand the canvas they had already been painting to beautiful effect. The third season starts on January 20. 

In this episode Ken talks with Ben about making High Maintenance, his creative process, biking in New York, the break up with his wife while maintaining a creative partnership, his relationship to cannabis, and his encounter with ayahuasca. 

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