1st Anniversary Episode - Alex Grey, Kim Krans, Dennis McKenna, Starhawk, Josh Radnor, Paul Selig, ICEERS

One year ago this week we launched The Evolver podcast. This week we're doing a little retrospective, a taster of past episodes, where we revisit some discussions that reward another listen. With Kim Krans, Alex Grey, Josh Radnor, Paul Selig, 3 people from ICEERS — Dennis McKenna, Ben DeLoenen, and Andrea Langlois — and Starhawk. Enjoy! 

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Our theme music is “Measure by Measure,” courtesy of DJ Spooky, aka Paul D. Miller (@djspooky), from his album The Secret Song, and interstitial music are tracks by The Human Experience: "Sunu" from the album Soul Visions with Rising Appalachia, and Here for a Moment on the album Gone Gone Beyond. 

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