Law and Order. Kinda.

Greetings, Comrades!

This episode, quite probably, is the closest we’ll ever get to being a true crime podcast. You see, we acquired the Soviet criminal code. With comments. Educational edition. So, to have a break from doing our narrative episodes, we decided to do this. But, you see, comrades, reading this book is like staring into the eye of madness itself. There might be laws in these books, but there is no order. Oh, and everyone’s a criminal. And corruption is, essentially, de facto supported, encouraged and, if you think about how things are, simply inevitable. So, we threw out what script we had prepared, called my little brother – otherwise, he was very lonely this Easter, as his wife and kid is in the countryside, opened a beer and tried to make some sense of all of this. This is a chill episode, as…well, going easy, and with dark humour was literally the only way how to cover this actually very dark and serious subject. Enjoy!

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