PDRP 3 – Wide-eyed cynics.

Yes, yes – I said only two PDRP episodes here, and the rest go to that feed. BUT…it’s my birthday, and I can give you this…well, present, actually.

Hello, listeners of the People’s Democratic Republic of Podcast! Our episode about Denmark is in the works – the recording got a bit delayed, and this was supposed to be aired after that, BUT…it’s my birthday, and thus, I bring this to you. Here, Glen who is a self-proclaimed Zen Socialist from the Lesser Bonapartes podcast, meets Prof CJ, an Anarchist Libertarian from the Dangerous History Podcast. And…actually, they don’t duke it out. They prove that in this time of party polarization, even people with extremely opposing views can find things to agree upon, have a civilized discussion and figure things out. I’m just there to help. At the end, the problems are clear to everyone and are the same. The solutions, however, are possibly very different. IF they’re even possible. And politics…well, if politics makes you hate your fellow man... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy