Surprise Episode 2 – The Northern Crusade

Greetings, Comrades!

While we’re preparing for wedding here, and preparing new episodes, here’s a surprise for you. It’s an episode that we did for the paid feed of the Lesser Bonapartes, about the Baltic/Northern Crusade. You know – the piece of history that we’re asked to cover but that kind of can’t find a place. It’s also very, very long. Normally, you’d have to be a supporter of the Lesser Bonapartes show, paying 10$ or more to have this, but I’m giving this one to you, because…yeah, why not. So that you’d have something to listen to, while waiting for my next episode. And no, this means I won’t be covering all of those events separately, because 4h is quite enough, really. Have fun, as I’m preparing for wedding.

And I expect a lot of questions from those who don’t read the text part of the RSS feeds.