Extra Episode 1 – Astonishing Legends of The Eastern Border

Greetings, Comrades!

This time, we have something special for you – about an hour-long conversation (recorded through Skype) with Scott and Forrest from the Astonishing Legends podcast, about mysteries, USSR, podcasting, strange experiences, media, a bit of politics and other random things. We did edit some things out, as to not spoil their next show, though.

It is an extra for you, while we’re making our Chernobyl episode, recording a new intro and fixing our mistakes. By the way, thank you for pointing out our mistakes. We’ll continue making these extra shows in the future – our Patreon supporters and paypal donaters will get their hands on them first, but they all will eventually be released to the public anyway.

Also, if you don’t like me, talking with other podcasters and rambling, including making Trump jokes, feel free to skip this episode. Important note – I sound a bit weird here, as the audio recording was done by the Astonishing Legends guys, as I was in Ludza at the time... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy