Red Dawn 9 - NEPman Stalin

Greetings, Comrades!

I'll be honest with you - the previous week has been a living hell for me, I'm dealing with a dying grandfather, for whom I have to do all the paperwork while he's still here with us. And it's hard. And Alice has exam season. And Alice spilled water on her laptop, so I had to re-record the whole episode. And then, we had to fix some factual errors in our episode, as it turns out, some of the documentaries that we watched were literally based in nothing. But...we pulled through. We did our best, and clenched our teeth and did amazing things. Like the Soviet people, during the NEP era, when they finally got some opportunities to do some private enterprises. Or, like Stalin, who, even though, curbed all of those private business activities, nonetheless kind of represents the stereotypical NEP-man in the political world. He was shrewd, cunning, tough, witty and...indescribably selfish, evil and with no sense of honor or loyalty to his allies. a way, that's how the businessmen in... For information regarding your data privacy, visit