Super-Lysenko! With old logo and everything!

Greetings, Comrades!

Let’s strike a deal, you enjoy this episode now, and I make the Baltics independence one a great show? In all seriousness, that subject turned out to be way, way bigger than I had originally anticipated, so I pulled our prepared April the 1st episode and made a switcheroo. So that I wouldn’t have to give you a sub-par episode on how Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania even begun. It’s like a trick, really. But made with Science! MAD SCIENCE! Just like this show, where I, Chris Cogswell from Mad Scientist Podcast and David Flora of Blurry Photos fame discuss the utter weirdness that was the Soviet Science. State-funded psychics! Scientific truths, determined by propaganda! Cow-Antilope hybrids! An army of super-soldiers, composed of human-orangutan hybrids! Volunteers! All that and more, in this, for once, light-hearted and fun episode! Enjoy!

Oh, and we’re back to the serious stuff next time, I sincerely want to make that episode great. For information regarding your data privacy, visit