Black August, 2019 edition

Greetings, Comrades!

This is a political episode, and as by now is usual in Russia, a depressing one. Because it’s august, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong in this month there. Also, which wasn’t mentioed, as it happened after the recording, a nuclear missille detonated and leaked its radioactive contents near a Russian submarine base in the nothern parts of the country, where all the ice is. But yeah, they accidentally an ICBM while transporting. Because August. This…this is a dark month. I hope it gets better.


Oh, and also the next ep will be nitpicking Chenlobyl series for the few, yet…kinda important things they got wrong. But it’s just nitpicking. Those were phenomenal series which I finally watched. But some things…well, if explained, they would be even better. So I’ll do that.

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