PSA: Adjust for trolls

Greetings, Comrades! Today’s episode was made out of schedule, but it was so timely, and so urgent, that I just had to do it. Special thanks to Travis J. Dow, my Dark Myths colleague and friend from the Bohemican podcast (and many others) for inspiration here. It’s about radicalism in Russia, about trolls, about how your opinion can easily be swayed and what you should watch out for. I mean, they got me! I was outraged about what turned out to be totally fake news last week. So, instead of being angry at people who’re literally burning cinemas in Russia because of a movie about Nicholas the 2nd, I got worried about…nonsense. Anyhow, very complex episode, hope that you’ll like it, but for the most part – this is supposed to remind everyone that in this modern day, everyone needs to adjust their angry reactions for the likely possibility of trolling. Enjoy. Stalin coming monday or tuesda

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