Christmas Extra: Dark Mythsmas to you all!

Greetings, Comrades!

We've been pretty dark this year, this year has been pretty dark this year, so we decided to go completely silly. And dark. And myths. Okay, sorry about the puns. Basically, I love the British panel show QI. And like all podcasters, we do like a bit of a vacation. So, we came together with other podcasts - Twilight Histories, Astonishing Legends, Rumor Flies and Blurry Photos and made a tipsy parody of QI, hopefully Stephen Fry won't kill us. It contains a lot of facts and a lot of banter from your favourite podcasts. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hopefully, you'll get a good laugh.

See you on the 28th, with our question/answer show! We'll post updates on social media on the specific times!

And finally: You know, I run not only this, but also the Dark Myths podcast - It's let's mysterious than it sounds, it's basically me, interviewing other other members of that podcasting community. If you listen to any other shows in our collective, you might find... For information regarding your data privacy, visit