Weekend Spins + Phish Lyrics + Jessica Dobson + More

Here are the podcasts we wanted to highlight for you all. And Weekend Spins!

Jessica Dobson on Past, Present, Future, Live!

Mountains in the Mist Lyrics on Under the Scales

Billy Joel’s Fantasies & Delusions on Late Era

Jessica Kirson on Comes A Time

Eddie Van Halen Tribute Pt. 2 on Moods & Modes

Reggie Watts on Eric Krasno Plus One

Weekend Spins picks for this week:

Winston C.W. — “Good Guess”

Aoife Nessa Frances — “Land Of No Junction”

Ezra Feinberg — “Recumbent Speech”

And here’s a playlist with all of the Weekend Spins recommendations, which will be updated every week. 

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