Weekend Listening—Phil Cook + Reed Mathis + Chris Shiflett

Hope everyone has a great weekend. A few new episodes to share, plus a snippet of one of them.

Chris Shiflett on Politics of Truth. This week Bob talks to the Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett. Chris is also a podcaster and solo artist. Bob talks to Chris about how music created his social consciousness as a young kid and how playing music around the world exposed him to new perspectives that shaped his own political identity, and they talk about the 2020 election. Subscribe to Politics of Truth. 

Phil Cook on JamBase Podcast. Andy Kahn talked with Phil about his solo work, his work with Hiss Golden Messenger and Megafaun, his work with Oliver Wood, and more. Phil also talks about meeting Col. Bruce Hampton at a H.O.R.D.E. Tour show in 1997. And another reminder about the JamBase Video Archive. Subscribe to the JamBase Podcast.

Reed Mathis on Groove Therapy. In a two-part episode, Taraleigh and Leah talk to Reed Mathis. Both episodes are live now. Reed, as you probably know, is a bass player and the genius behind Electric Beethoven. He’s also played with Paul Simon, the Dead and others. They talk with Reed about a lot, including how the nervous system reacts to music, psychedelics, live music as a potential for trauma and grief resolution and insecure attachment, including a story from Reed about his own healing through live music and how he uses Electric Beethoven as a means of healing for others. Subscribe to Groove Therapy. 


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