The State of Live Music + Avett Brothers Livestream

A few updates for you today, and a suggested interview to check out. Send me a Twitter message if you have thoughts about the questions I posed in this episode. 

JamBase Video Portal. As we detailed yesterday, JamBase launched a new video portal, with close to 100,000 live music videos. You can watch live music by tons of bands with filters for songs, years, durations, type of video, and a lot more. 

8:30pm ET—Avett Brothers Live Stream from Charlotte. As mentioned, the Avett Brothers will perform live on the backstretch of the Charlotte Motor Speedway track to a sold-out number of socially-distanced cars and to all those that tune in to the livestream.

Live Music in a Pandemic. We wanted to resurface this interview I did with Bob Crawford of The Avett Brothers and Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters a while back about the state of live music in a pandemic. A lot has changed in that time, but a lot of this conversation and the insights I got from Chris and Bob are still relevant. Hope you enjoy it. 


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