The Drop Daily—5 Things for 4/2/20

Hello there. It’s a (mostly) PHISH episode. If you like the band Phish, do I have good news for you. By the time you hear this, Phish will already have released a new album. Life comes at you fast when you’re trying to keep up with Trey. 

  1. Sierra Hull Live Q&A 10pm ET! We’re thrilled to premiere a new show that will likely happen once a week with the amazing Sierra Hull. Live on Instagram, she’ll take questions from the audience and play some music. Hope to see you then. 
  2. Tom Marshall on Phemale-Centrics! As part of their two-year anniversary episode, the crew interviews Tom Marshall and discusses the seven new songs Trey released this past week. 
  3. HF Pod wants you to be happy. This week, we share Phish jams that make us happy so that we can all share in a little joy. In a break from our recent format, we’ll share the full jams at the end of the episode so that you have a megamix of bliss in your ears!
  4. Amigos Live with Tom Marshall at 8pm ET. Tom gets around, but this time he’s going to talk about this new album that Phish just released last night. He’ll talk about the songs, his lyrics, and more. Check it out on Osiris YouTube
  5. Moments in a Box—After Midnight. Keeping on the topic of Phish, today we want to recommend After Midnight, our narrative podcast about Phish’s amazing Big Cypress festival in 1999. Hosted and written by Jesse Jarnow, and with interviews with Trey, Fishman and others, this 5-episode series is a deep dive into one of the most unique festivals in music history. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please check it out. 

Alright, thanks for tuning in. We’ll be back tomorrow!


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