Streams Galore + Aqueous + Zach Gill

Last week I talked about how there weren’t as many streams as usual, but that’s changed this weekend. We want to share two new podcast episodes and fill you in on all the streams happening this weekend. Oh, and we have a surprise live track at the end.

Aqueous Drive In with Mike Gantzer. Host Myke Menio welcomes guitarist Mike Gantzer for part one of what will be a five-part series on their drive-in shows from this summer. Mike talks about the music, and brings incredible insight about what made these shows so special. Part one is focused on the 6/19 show. 

Zach Gill on JamBase Podcast. This new episode of the podcast features Scott Bernstein in conversation with Zach. They talk about his upcoming solo album, Cocktail Yoga, a mostly instrumental album.

JamBase Video Archive. We wanted to remind you about this brand new video portal launched by our friends at JamBase. They have close to 100,000 live music videos. You can watch live music by tons of bands with filters for songs, years, durations, type of video, and a lot more.

Streams Galore! This weekend is chock full of streams. Bands featured include Phish, The Who, Ekoostik Hookah (LIVE!), Dave Matthews Band, Umphrey’s McGee (LIVE!), Tank and the Bangas (LIVE!), Widespread Panic, and many more. Check out JamBase for the latest. 


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