Robert Randolph + Martina McBride + Goose + Weekend Spins!

We are back with some great tunes to get you through the weekend. If you like what we do, please give us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Please check out:

  1. Robert Randolph on Eric Krasno Plus One
  2. Goose on Inside the Musician’s Brain
  3. Dave Dederer on Past, Present, Future, Live!
  4. Martina McBride on Salute the Songbird with Maggie Rose
  5. The Capitol Insurrection on Road To Now
  6. A.R. Moxon on Across the Margin

Here’s a playlist with all of the Weekend Spins recommendations, which will be updated every week. 

Albums for this week:

  1. Spencer Cullum—Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection
  2. Heather Trost—Petrichor
  3. Neil Young & Crazy Horse—Life

See you next week.


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