Nicole Atkins + Bela Fleck + November ’95 Phish

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Nicole Atkins on Past, Present, Future, Live! This is a really fun one. I talked with Nicole Atkins, whose musical approach has combined 50s-style crooning with psychedelia, soul, and 80s punk, all of which help to create her truly unique sound. She tells us some great stories, and her performances are truly stunning. Watch her performances here. Subscribe to Past, Present, Future, Live! 

November 1995 on Helping Friendly Podcast. In another collaboration with our friends at Under the Scales and Beyond the Pond, we're turning our attention to November 1995. Jonathan, Matt, Brad and RJ each chose one jam that we thought captures the spirit of the month, and we talk the tour overall, some other special moments, and more. Here is our November 1995 playlist. Subscribe to Helping Friendly Podcast. 

Bela Fleck on Eric Krasno Plus One. This week, Eric talks with legendary banjo player Béla Fleck, whose innovative style and extensive discography have cemented his legacy in the bluegrass community and beyond. The old friends talk about the impact of a lack of touring on their lives, and go in-depth on Fleck’s detailed and distinguished musical career. Subscribe to Eric Krasno Plus One. 

California Dreamin’ on Brokedown Podcast. On a new episode, Jonathan has two interviews, one with Farmer Dave Scher (Beachwood Sparks, The Skiffle Players) and one with Dan Horne (Circles Around The Sun, Grateful Shred). Subscribe to Brokedown Podcast. 

WaterWheel Foundation Volunteer on Phemale-Centrics. Dawn talks with Mary Bog, volunteer for the WaterWheel Foundation and Divided Sky Fund. Mary has been seeing Phish since the late 80s, been to close to 700 Phish shows and speaks about her involvement with the community and the deep connections between Phish fans, the band and Trey’s Beacon shows. Subscribe to Phemale-Centrics. 


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