New PPFL + Radiohead on Under the Scales + Vulfpeck

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Alex Skolnick on Past, Present, Future, Live! This week’s guest is Alex Skolnick, who was in the metal band Testament in the late 1980s, touring the world with legendary bands like Megadeth, and ended up moving to New York to change his life and his musical style. Lots of great discussion, and live tunes, too! Learn more about Alex’s podcast, Moods & Modes. And subscribe to Past, Present, Future, Live!

Steven Hyden and Radiohead on Under the Scales. As the last installment of the Fall 2000 theme, Tom talks with Steven about his new book, This Isn’t Happening, and about the making of Kid A, which was released in October 2000. Subscribe to Under the Scales.

Theo Katzman on Eric Krasno Plus One. This week, Eric speaks with the multi-instrumentalist of Vulfpeck, who plays drums, guitar and sings. If you know anything about this band, it’s probably that they push boundaries. Eric and Theo talk about pushing the boundaries of music while still remaining true to the craft. Subscribe to Eric Krasno Plus One.


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