New Phish Pods + Touchdowns + Black Sabbath

Some new episodes for you to enjoy. Thanks for tuning in. You'll hear a segment of the Late Era episode after the intro.

Happy Birthday, Trey on Helping Friendly Podcast. On this latest episode, we went through the archives to find some awesome Trey moments that we all appreciated to make a special birthday episode. Lots of discussion and music. Subscribe to HF Pod. 

Jethro Tull Goes Digital on Late Era. This week, the guys look at Jethro Tull’s final album, at least to date, called J-Tull Dot Com. The album title also served as an ad for the band’s then-new official website. A truly strange album, it features occasional lyrics about e-mail, tons of flute solos (naturally), a Donald Trump reference, and one of the most heinous album covers ever released. Subscribe to Late Era. 

Above the Waves on Touchdowns All Day. Guest Max Dawson joins Barber to do a deep dive on Above the Waves, a part of the Hot Air Balloon opera that Barber composed. They talk about different versions of the song, bring in snippets from other band members, and of course play jams as well. This is a two-part episode. Subscribe to Touchdowns All Day. 

Fall 2014 Crosseyed & Painless on Beyond the Pond. This new episode focuses on the Crosseyed & Painless from Eugene, Oregon on 10/17/14. This was the Fall Tour opener, which had a hazy jam which matches the locale and autumnal vibe of the west coast tour. It’s one of the most underrated jams of the entire 3.0 era, and a precursor to the nuanced jamming styles of the Fall 2014 Tour. Subscribe to Beyond the Pond. 

Black Sabbath on Tapes Archive. Sabbath’s bassist, Geezer Butler, talked in 1992 about his work with Ozzy, his solo career, making the Wayne’s World soundtrack, Black Sabbath’s musical influences and tour, and more. Subscribe to The Tapes Archive.


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