New Episode Roundup: Bob Dylan, Sadler Vaden, Disco Biscuits, Steve Parish!

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Bob Dylan “Under the Red Sky” on Late Era. On this new episode of Late Era, they dig into an album that even Wikipedia says “was largely greeted as a strange and disappointing follow-up to 1989's critically acclaimed Oh Mercy.” Sam, Winston and Andy dive in and look at the strangeness of this record, the cameos, the time when it was made, and whether there’s anything worth going back to here. A snippet of this episode is included here for your listening pleasure!

Steve Parish on Comes A Time. In this episode, Oteil and Mike welcome Steve Parish, longtime crew member for the Grateful Dead and close friend of Jerry Garcia. The three talk about the Dead’s early days in San Francisco, Steve’s career with the band, from roadie to manager; and, why the Dead could be a model for how we should live our lives today. Steve tells Oteil and Mike what he learned 10 years after the legendary 1978 Grateful Dead concert in Egypt, and about that time he delivered a baby while Bob Weir was writing the song “Cassidy.” This is a not-to-be missed episode.

Sadler Vaden on Helping Friendly Podcast. Matt and Jonathan chatted with Sadler Vaden, guitarist for The 400 Unit and a solo artist in his own right. The guys talk with Sadler about his musical upbringing, playing with Jason Isbell, the East Nashville music scene, and of course, Phish. Check out Sadler’s new album ANYBODY OUT THERE? as well as his live albums on Bandcamp. Check out our newest sponsor, Grady’s Cold Brew and try out their cold brew kit. Perfect for summer sipping! Use promo code HFP20 for 20% off your first order.

Haymaker Music Festival on Touchdowns All Day. This week, Barber runs down one of the band’s most iconic shows of all time—he’s going to relive this historical moment in the history of the Disco Biscuits. This show is from 10/5/2002 in Spotsylvania, VA. “This festival took place during the height of the D.C. Sniper shootings in Virginia just off of I-95. The Disco Biscuits were the only late-night act on their own secondary woods stage. Using the Rich Steele Remaster of John Madigan’s AUD source, it’s one of the best audience pulled Disco Biscuits recordings of all time.”


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