Kanye’s Campaign + Mann 95 Bowie + Ween!

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Kanye’s Campaign on Politics of Truth. Bob’s guest this week is political reporter Ben Jacobs, who’s been doggedly covering Kanye West’s bizarre campaign for president in The Guardian, New York Magazine, and other outlets. We’re including a snippet of that conversation here for you.

1995 Mann Bowie on Beyond the Pond. Brian and Dave are joined by Drew Hitz and Don Hart, the composer who recently appeared on Under the Scales to discuss his work with Trey and Phish. They talk about the wild 6/24/95 Bowie from Philadelphia, and use the jam as a jumping off point to highlight three composers who provide thematic insights into the music Phish was experimenting with in the Summer of 1995. 

Alex Jordan on No Simple Road. This week, the crew on the porch is joined by Alex Jordan, who plays with Midnight North and who has played with Bobby, Phil and many others. They talk about his debut solo record “The Subtle Exhibitionist,” released earlier this Spring.

God Ween Evan Explores Quebec. The GWE team is back to look at Ween’s eighth studio album, Quebec, and they’re joined by filmmaker, artist, and teacher Chis Roberti, whose work has been screened at TriBeCa and Sundance Film Festivals, and his first feature, Same Boat, is available on demand.

Shannon LaBrie on Past, Present, Future, Live! We wanted to remind you about the latest episode with Shannon LaBrie. We talked about her new album, coming out on September 25, her experiences in the Nashville country music scene, how a failed relationship has led her to this new place musically, and what she learned from her dad about music. 


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