John Oates + Fall 2000 Phish + Dick's Picks 1969 + MORE

Welcome back, we hope you all are enjoying The Drop. Leave us a review and win a limited edition Osiris poster. We have some amazing new episodes to tell you about!

John Oates on PPFL. We’re excited to kick off Season Two with our special guest John Oates. Of course, he is best known for his work with Hall and Oates, and he’s made a bunch of solo records as well. We talk about the formation of Hall and Oates, the peak of stardom, and starting over and getting back to his musical roots. Subscribe to Past, Present, Future, Live! And check out John’s videos here.

Fall 2000 on Beyond the Pond. This is the third installment of the Fall 2000 collaboration between our Phish podcasts. Dave and Brian attack the Phoenix Guy Forget, a legendary jam from this tour. Subscribe to Beyond the Pond. 

Dick’s Picks from 1969 on 36 From the Vault. We are into the Primal Dead era this time. Steve and Rob take us into Dick’s Picks 16 from the Fillmore in San Francisco, 11/7-11/8/69. This is just a couple weeks before Altamont, the end of the 60s, and the band is in a period of growth and transition. Subscribe to 36 From the Vault. 

Son Little on Eric Krasno Plus One. A really cool episode this week, with Eric talking to his friend and collaborator Son Little. They chat about Son’s creative process, coming up out of the hip-hop and EDM scene in Philly thanks to RJD2 and The Roots, and the songs on Son’s latest album Aloha. Subscribe to Eric Krasno Plus One. 

Bobby Talk on Brokedown Podcast. On this episode, Jonathan is joined by Alex Wise, a musician, radio host and Dead fan. They talk all about Bobby and share some tunes as well. Subscribe to Brokedown Podcast. 


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