Dick’s Picks + Peter Shapiro + Under the Scales

There’s a lot of incredible stuff this week, and we hope you all get to listen to all of these amazing episodes. 

Peter Shapiro on Eric Krasno Plus One. This week Eric welcomes venue owner, concert promoter, festival creator, entrepreneur and all around cool guy Peter Shapiro, owner of Brooklyn Bowl and the Capitol Theatre as well as the force behind the Lockn’ Festival, The Jammys, and Fare Thee Well. Eric and Peter have known each other for a long time, they talk about the Wetlands days with Soulive, the Brooklyn Bowl, taking big risks to create amazing new concert experiences, and what they expect for the future of live music.

Dick’s Picks 14 on 36 From the Vault. Rob and Steven jump into Dick’s Picks Vol. 14, from the Boston Music Hall on November 30 and December 2, 1973. The first ever four-disc Dick’s Picks, this dives back into the world of 1973. They discuss these four discs in detail, including a wonderful Weather Report Suite > Dark Star Jam > Eyes of the World, and about this era in general and their appreciation for Dick Latvala. 

Bob Lefsetz on Under the Scales. On this new episode, Tom talks with Bob Lefsetz, music industry analyst, author, podcaster and Phish fan about the state of music in the world today. If you’re not familiar, Bob has a newsletter, called the Lefsetz Letter, that’s prolific and smart and controversial, and a must-read in my opinion. He also has a podcast about the music industry. 

Kenny Roby on No Simple Road. You might remember my brief conversation with Kenny Roby on this show recently, when we talked about his new album, The Reservoir. The NSR crew goes into depth with Kenny about his first solo album in seven years, befriending and working with Neal Casal, Dave Schools stepping in to help manifest the vision of the new tunes, dealing with loss and struggle, and more.


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