Billy Strings + Alexandra Savior + Disco Biscuits!

Three great new podcast episodes for you all, hope you check them out. Give us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts if you like The Drop. :) 

  1. Alexandra Savior on Past, Present, Future, Live! This week, I got to talk with singer-songwriter Alexandra Savior about her new album "The Archer,” growing up in Portland, songwriting as therapy, and what's next for her music while tour plans remain on hold. After the interview you'll hear Alexandra perform three songs off that record, and we include one here as well.
  2. Billy Strings on Eric Krasno Plus One. In this episode Eric talks to Billy Strings, whose high-energy live shows are introducing bluegrass to all types of new fans. The two first met at the RoosterWalk Festival in 2017, when a storm prevented Eric’s band from showing up and Billy’s band sat in at the last minute. They’ve been friends ever since, and in those years Billy Strings has gone from releasing their first EP to selling out theaters across the country.  
  3. Homeruns All Day with Jon Barber. This new episode of Touchdowns All Day with Jon Barber is back with a recap of The Disco Biscuits show on 6/23/2020 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA. Jon walks through some of the jams, talks about the experience, and more. And they were able to help raise over $75,000 for PLUS1 For Black Lives. To donate, text DISCO to 50155, or visit


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