Band of Heathens + Scott Metzger + Nigel Hall

Welcome back! We have a bunch of new stuff to share, including a really awesome interview and live performance. Enjoy...

The Band of Heathens on PPFL. This week we have the last episode of season one of the show, and I sat down with Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist, of The Band of Heathens. We talk about their upcoming record, Stranger, which comes out September 25. We also talk about how they came together, partially by accident, 15 years ago in Austin.

Scott Metzger on No Simple Road. This week, the crew welcomes Scott Metzger of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Circles Around The Sun, WOLF!, and the new band LaMP, which we did an interview with a couple months back. They talk about all these projects, growing connections musically over the years, his biggest musical and life lesson to date, and a whole lot more. And you can stream JRAD live from the LOCKN’ farm October 2-4. 

Nigel Hall on Eric Krasno Plus One. In this new episode, Eric talks to his friend and bandmate Nigel Hall, the keyboardist of Lettuce and The Nigel Hall Band. Their friendship goes back so far that the two first connected on MySpace and they’ve been making music together ever since, including Kraz producing Nigel’s first solo record, 2015’s Ladies & Gentlemen…Nigel Hall.


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