Ani DiFranco + Under the Scales + David Lemieux

Hope everyone is holding up out there. We have some great new episodes to bring you today. If you like what we do, please give us a review on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Brad Sands on Under the Scales. As part of the collaboration between Under the Scales, HF Pod and Beyond the Pond, we bring you the first episode focused on November ’95. This interview features Tom talking to Phish’s former Tour Manager Brad Sands. They discuss the influence Phish’s Halloween cover of The Who’s Quadrophenia for Halloween that year, and how Phish continued to evolve during this time. Subscribe to Under the Scales. 

Ani DiFranco on Eric Krasno Plus One. This is a fun one. Eric talks to Ani about her amazing career, from helping to usher in the DIY music movement to her recent releases focused on activism and social consciousness. Subscribe to Eric Krasno Plus One. 

David Lemieux on 36 From the Vault. Very cool episode this week as Steven and Rob are joined by Dead Archivist, David Lemieux, who made this his first pick in the series, for a fantastic conversation about the Grateful Dead organization and his approach to picking releases. The show examined is Dick’s Picks 17, from Boston, 9/25/91. Subscribe to 36 From the Vault. 

Bahamas on Inside Out wTnS. On this latest episode, Seth and Rob sit down with one of Seth’s favorite musical artists, Bahamas. This is the performance name for Afie Jurvanen, a Canadian singer/songwriter. The band’s fifth release, Sad Hunk, is a continuation of their great studio career. Afie shares some insight on specific songs on the record, and elaborates on how his songwriting process has evolved. Subscribe to Inside Out wTnS. 


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