5 Things You Need to Know—4/1/20

Hey everyone! Welcome back. Special guest Maya Bee joins us for this one.

  1. Politics of Truth. Host Bob Crawford speaks with Robert Costa, National Political Reporter for The Washington Post and host of Washington Week on PBS. Bob also talks to Marc Brownstein, bassist for The Disco Biscuits and co-founder of the national voter registration organization Headcount, which has registered more than 600,000 new voters at concerts and festivals since 2004.
  2. Inside Out with Scott Bernstein of JamBase. Scott talks about recent JamBase developments, and takes Rob and Seth into his personal experience living and working in New York City while it is one of the epicenters of a global pandemic. 
  3. Art with Zart! If you are a parent and want some art lessons and fun for your kids, join us weekdays at 5pm ET. Let’s play, create, & move together. Gather art materials and join us!
  4. ATM / WTTTP: Quarantine Recommends. Across The Margin: The Podcast & Welcome To The Party Pal converge to bring you Quarantine Recommends—a program rife with film, book, music, and other entertainment recommendations which will feature discussions with authors, filmmakers, artists, activists and more!
  5. 36 FTV Viewing Party. Steven & Dave wave farewell to the Brent era (for now) with a viewing of the Dead’s fantastic 10/31/80 show from Radio City.

Thanks for tuning in. See you all tomorrow!


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