5 Things You Need to Know—3/20/20

Welcome to 5 Things You Need to Know for March 20, 2020. We’re back with some music and podcast news, and to try and share some positivity with all of you. 

For music news in this rapidly changing environment, please check out JamBase.com/coronavirus.

#1—Kendall Street Company, Live from the Looking Glass, Saturday, March 21, 8:30pm ET. Starting this weekend, Osiris will be presenting original podcast and video content, including live concerts. This first show, featuring Kendall Street Company live from Charlottesville, will be streamed live on Saturday, March 21 at 8:30pm ET. Please visit this link for the stream!

#2—David Gans on No Simple Road. The family welcomes David Gans to the show. He’s the author of Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead, and the host of the weekly syndicated radio show The Grateful Dead Hour, and co-host of Tales from the Golden Road on Sirius XM. 

#3—HF Pod talks with deaf and hard of hearing fans. HF Pod hosted a roundtable with a group of deaf and hard of hearing fans and interpreters about their experiences at Phish shows and their experiences with music in general. 

#4—Brokedown Podcast featuring Ryan Jewell and Joe Westerlund. Jonathan brings you a big episode to help you through these weird, wild times. Drummers Ryan Jewell and Joe Westerlund join the show in separate chats to discuss their new albums, music that inspires them, and The Grateful Dead!

#5—Backline steps in to help music professionals at this time of crisis. We spoke with Kendall Deflin, co-founder of Backline about what Backline is doing to help artists and others working in the music industry. Visit their site to see what they’re up to and to get involved. 


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