Dr Dike Drummond Deep Dives On Burnout - Part 1

Dr Dike Drummond is a Mayo trained Family Practice Physician who now specializes in physician burnout. The founder of TheHappyMD.com and author 'Stop Physician Burnout' he has come face to face with the realities of burnout as a physician on two separate occasions himself. He understands the complexities of physician burnout and how the one suffering burnout is often the last to know. Dr Drummond has coached thousands of physicians through the challenging times of burnout and speaks regularly across the globe to healthcare institutions in need of guidance on addressing this ever growing problem. 

This episode is part 1 of a two part series. On this episode we deep dive into what burnout is, what its causes are and how it manifests. This episode will be followed up by Part 2 which will focus on the strategies to target burnout at an individual and organizational level. 

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Stop Physician Burnout by Dike Drummond

Burnout Prevention MATRIX by Dike Drummond

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