Wendy Wason

"I had to prove the kids were mine" - Wendy Wason

Actor and comedian Wendy Wason joins Samantha Baines to talk divorce. They chat about the decision to have children, proving you are a mother at airports, changing your name and why stand up is the best career when you have young children. Wendy mentions her cervical cancer experience and Samantha shares her polycystic ovary diagnosis in this intimate discussion. Enjoy Wendy's top tips for dating a younger man and the two chat becoming institutionalised by marriage and the idea of being a good wife.

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Trigger warnings:


cervical cancer

polycystic ovary syndrome




sam 00:00

You are listening to the divorce club and this episode is sponsored by Noveltea Welcome to the divorce club hosted by me comedian and divorcees, Samantha Baines. You might be starting a new chapter due to your divorce. Maybe you have a friend who's going through a divorce or yet just plain curious. I recently got divorced age 32. And it was a bit of a whirlwind doing it so young. Yes, I still believe I'm young. Don't ruin it for me. I felt confused, free and lonely. So I decided to interview some interesting people about their divorce experiences in the hope that it would help me get out of house mainly, and maybe help you too. Don't worry. I am a comedian so it won't be all doom and gloom. Welcome to the divorce club. So I am joined by actor and comedian Wendy Wason. Hello, Wendy.

Wendy 01:07

WendyHello, how are you?

sam 01:08

All right, how are you? Welcome to the divorce club.

Wendy 01:11

Thank you very much. I'm good. All good here.

sam 01:15

How do you feel when I say to you, you are divorced,

Wendy 01:19

I feel fine about it. Now. There's a level of shame that I felt in the early days because it feels like something's gone wrong. And I overthink everything anyway. So I remember sort of going oh I am a divorcee. And I think I had to address it a lot more than most people might have to address it because I have two children with my ex husband. And I'd go through airports with the children when they were little and I have to bring their birth certificates and my marriage certificate and my divorce certificate, because they need to know that I'm not stealing children. I always felt when your divorce something's gone wrong, isn't it? It's not really a positive no one goes Do you know I'm gonna make my life better and do divorce as a fun thing. It's not you know, it's not positive. Eventually it's positive because you're not in a situation that you don't want to be in. Yeah, well, I felt shameful for a while. But you know, you said divorce. I'm like, yeah, I'm divorced. Yeah, quite a long answer, isn't it?

sam 02:09

No, I like how many years on are you now?

Wendy 02:12

2007 we split? Was that 12 years on 13 years on? Yeah.

sam 02:19

I just want to go back for a second because you said that airports you had to bring your marriage certificate. Yeah. And the children's birth certificates. Why is that?

Wendy 02:28

Because they're quite hot on children being abducted, their father could abudct them any day of the week because they've got the same name as him.

sam 02:35

Oh i see.

Wendy 02:36

but I had to prove that I was their mother. I mean, there was so...

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