Stacey Duguid

“I gave myself permission to be a wreck” - Stacey Duguid 

Samantha Baines talks to journalist and Telegraph Columnist Stacey Duguid about being in the midst of her divorce. 

Stacey speaks honestly and openly about how she is finding the process, the help she's getting to manage her way through the legal jargon, and how to avoid some of the mounting costs. 

Stacey discusses her recent diagnosis of ADHD, which has changed the way she views her past marriage and future dating plans. We also hear about the support Stacey received on social media when she opened up about her break-up and mental health.

This episode was recorded during a landmark week for divorce law, as the UK welcomed 'No-Fault Divorce' - meaning that no one has to take the blame on divorce proceedings. The two discuss whether this is a universally positive change and the impact it may have on proceedings. Samantha and Stacey also touch on what this means from their own experiences. 

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