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Comedian and actor Sam Pamphilon joins our Sam his recent separation and his pending application to The Divorce Club. The two chat alcohol dependency, experiencing depression and his indifference for interior design in another honest episode with laughs in the darkest moments. Sam confesses to being more at fault in the break up of his marriage and hopes that someone will just turn up at his door and announce he is divorced one day... alas there are many forms to fill in before that happens!

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Sam  00:15

Welcome to the divorce club series hosted by me comedian and divorcee Samantha Baines. Make sure you hit subscribe so you'll be notified on episodes as they're released. And you can even leave a review for us while you're listening. If you're extra nice Now you might be divorced yourself. Or you might be thinking about getting divorced. Or you might be single, or you might be happily in a relationship and just like the gossip or you might be a number of those things. Whatever you are right now you are very welcome listening to me interview fellow divorcees about their experiences mainly so I feel less alone and mainly to just keep me busy. Really. Welcome to the divorce club. I am joined by actor and comedian Sam Pamphilon. Hello.

Sam Pamphilon  01:07

Hello, how are you?

Sam  01:08

Good thanks. How are you?

Sam Pamphilon  01:09

I'm alright. I'm alright. I feel like I'm actually feel like a bit of a fraud to this podcast because I'm not. I'm not legally divorced.

Sam  01:17

What? But you said,

Sam Pamphilon  01:20

Well, I consider myself kind of divorced.

Sam  01:23

Okay. Are you in the divorce process?

Sam Pamphilon  01:26

Well, I think so.

Sam  01:30

Good, strong, strong stuff.

Sam Pamphilon  01:31

But I think you know, you don't want to people kind of just get the point where they're like, Oh, no, Fuck this. We're not going to do this anymore. And then you're just like, Oh, I'm divorced, you kind of think it's sort of done. Of course, you keep remembering that it's not and you have got to do that. But I was actually hoping maybe get to get some sort of insight onto the process because I don't I'm hoping that we can just get to a point where we haven't lived together for two years, then I think someone from the government comes around and says you're divorced or something is that what was that how it works?

Sam  01:57

Sort of there's a lot more forms than that, but yeah, Basically, um, well, I normally start the podcast by saying welcome to The Divorce Club. But I guess I can't officially say that to you, but I can say, welcome to your preliminary membership of The Divorce Club.

Sam Pamphilon  02:14

Thank you, pending.

Sam  02:26

Yes. Very much pending sort of at the beginning of your membership process. You haven't signed all the forms yet in your divorce and the club.

Sam Pamphilon  02:29

No, but I've been recommended and

Sam  02:29

You've had two referees, one of them wasn't you're ex welcoming you...

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