Salma El-Wardany

"people will talk to you about bitcoin, f*ck that sh*t, invest that energy into yourself" - Salma El-Wardany

Author and presenter Salma El-Wardany joins Samantha Baines to talk about why she won't go to any more weddings and how toxic 'situationships' can be. Salma's new book 'These Impossible Things' is a novel about female friendship and Salma talks about the influence of the patriarchy and the importance we need to put on women's friendships and successes outside of marriage and children. The two discuss treating their book launches as a personal wedding and Sam shares her advice on planning a wedding. Silence is golden and Salma advises how to get yourself away from a partner who keeps contacting you and pulling you back in. You are allowed to block people according to Salma and she gives Sam some words of wisdom about boundaries when dating.

These Impossible Things is available now from all good bookshops.

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