Rich Wilson

"I would still be a w*nker if I didn't get divorced" - Rich Wilson

Samantha Baines interviews fellow comedian and divorcee Rich Wilson about his marriage experience. They chats pockets of contentment, gender roles in relationships and buying your own spoons in Ikea. Couples counselling, assault charges and moving in with his son post break-up, Rich Wilson is brutally honest about his experiences of divorce and his journey towards finding himself whilst trying to avoid clichés.

Rich is host of the Insane in the MENbrain podcast.

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The Divorce Club: Rich Wilson


Sam: Welcome to the divorce club hosted by me, comedian and divorcee, Samantha Baines. You might be starting a new chapter due to your divorce, maybe have a friend who is going through a divorce? Or you're just plain curious! I recently got divorced aged 32 and it was a bit of a whirlwind doing it so young. Yes, I still believe I'm young, don't ruin it for me. I felt confused, free and lonely, so I decided to interview some interesting people about their divorce experiences in the hope that it would help me get out of the house mainly and maybe help you too. Don't worry, I am a comedian so it won't be all doom and gloom. Welcome to the Divorce Club. 


Sam: I am joined by comedian and podcaster, with a brilliant podcast called insane in the menbrain, the wonderful Rich Wilson.


Rich: Hello

Sam: Hello. 

Rich: Hello. 


Sam: Welcome to the Divorce Club. 


Rich: Thank you so much. It’s nice to be here.


Sam: It’s a special club for divorcees like us. So, how long have you been in the divorce club? 


Rich: It all got finalised two or three years ago. It's quite recent,


Sam: And how long ago were you separated.


Rich: Five years ago, I think, something like that. You know. I can't remember. It also happened really quickly. Like one minute we were married, then we weren’t getting on and then suddenly we were separated and getting divorced. And it was all a bit of a whirlwind, really.


Sam: So how long were you married for?


Rich: Five years. I think. Typical bloke not remembering. I remember it was 2011. I remember the date. 

Sam: I'm bad at dates.

Rich: That’s when we got married, but it's just been. It's just been a lot going on in the last you know, since we split up and I know my now ex wife is very good at compartmentalising things. She doesn't look back and go, awwI miss that, I miss that. It's like no, that was, that was that part of my life? And I'm going to put all that and anything connected with that in that box. And then that lives over there. And she's very businesslike. This is how she deals with trauma and horrible things.


Sam: And how do you deal with trauma and horrible things?


Rich: I’m too emotional. I'm always like, aww that was good, aww I miss that bit. Oh I wonder what she's doing now. You know, that sort of thing. 

Sam: I do that, definitely. 

Rich: Yeah. Rather, rather than just going look, that was a moment in time it didn't work out is a shame. She's a great person, but everybody's moved on. Every now and again. You kind of go wow, that was good. You know, and I was like, that was a nice holiday we went on and yeah, I wish had been better at that. I wish. Yeah, you know, yeah. I should stop fretting. 

Sam: Well, maybe it's good. Maybe it helps...

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