Michelle Dempsey-Multack

"I couldn't let my daughter see me in the way I would have been in the marriage, I had to be alone" - Michelle Dempsey-Multack

Best-selling author and certified divorce and co-parenting specialist Michelle Dempsey-Multack joins Samantha Baines to talk about her own divorce. Michelle is honest about the impact her divorce had on her and the difficulties of co-parenting. She also opens up about her parents divorce and having to hide that from the other children at school and what she calls 'daddy envy'. The two bond over normalising divorce, the idea of empowering others and redecorating getting out of hand. It's Michelle's velvet blue couch versus Samantha's pink kitchen wall in this engaging, fun chat.

Michelle's podcast is: Moms Moving On

Her book has the same title

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