Lynne Parker

"It feels like another life when I look back" - Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker, founder and Chief Exec of Funny Women joins Samantha Baines to discuss her divorce over thirty years ago. The two discuss the stigma around divorce in the 1980's, remarriage and not being very wife-y! Lynne shares her passion for straw hats and gives Sam hope for finding love again. An insightful and positive chat about moving on and even one day forgetting you are divorced.

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Sam 00:00

You are listening to the divorce club and this episode is sponsored by Noveltea. Welcome to the divorce club hosted by me comedian and divorcee, Samantha Baines. You might be starting a new chapter due to your divorce. Maybe you have a friend who's going through a divorce or you're just plain curious. I recently got divorced age 32. And it was a bit of a whirlwind doing it so young. Yes, I still believe I'm young. Don't ruin it for me. I felt confused, free and lonely. So I decided to interview some interesting people about their divorce experiences in the hope that it would help me get out of the house mainly, and maybe help you too. Don't worry. I am a comedian so it won't be all doom and gloom. Welcome to the divorce club. I am joined by Lynne Parker, founder and chief executive of Funny Women. Hello, Lynne. Hello. Thanks for joining me.

Lynne 01:10

Thank you for having me.

Sam 01:11

Welcome to the divorce club.

Lynne 01:13

Well, yeah, that's a new one. But yeah, I'm definitely part of it. Yeah.


Well, I guess this is my like, I'm hosting like a divorce party. And you're my guest, which I love. So you are divorced Lynne?

Lynne 01:28

I am a very long time ago.

Sam 01:31

So how do you feel now? If I say to you, you are divorced.

Lynne 01:35

I actually forget that I am a divorcee. Until you fill in a form that says something to do with, you know, partners. But I think when you get to being as divorced, as long as I am, probably that doesn't count anymore. I don't think I get asked so much. No one's really that interested in it. It's quite common now as well. Yeah. I mean, when I got divorced, it wasn't so usual. There was more stigma attached to it. It was seen as something perhaps not quite good. I know my family reacted quite badly to it. I haven't done the sums ... 35/36 years.

Sam 02:04

 Did they? And can can we get a rough approximation of how long ago? You dont have to be exact? And how long were you single for in between.?

Lynne 02:10

Not very long. I had planned to be single but kind of met this man, quite soon after, I think. I don't know about other people's marriages. But I think the reality was that we had been drifting apart for a while.

Sam 02:32


Lynne 02:32

And before we actually decided to get divorced, we're actually kind of leading a bit of separate lives thing. Anyway, it's such a long time ago, I have trouble remembering but I do remember the ex used to go away on sales conferences quite a lot. And I was left to my own devices. I was a very, by the way, I was a very well behaved, I didn't get up to anything. So as I was concerned, I was married. But I think what happened in that context was that we just literally led separate lives. We did different things. Yeah, we weren't on the same page. I think...

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