Jahannah James

Instagram superstar Jahannah James joins Samantha Baines to discuss marriage at 18, sex addiction and the pressure of proving everyone wrong. Jahannah is one of our youngest guests so far on the podcast and this insightful and compelling discussion explores not only the taboo of divorce but other relationship taboos too. We chat getting married to have sex, rejection and even shopping in Ann Summers.

Trigger warning:

sex addiction

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Sam  00:15

Welcome to The Divorce Club series two hosted by me comedian and divorcee Samantha Baines. Make sure you hit subscribe so you'll be notified on episodes as they're released. And you can even leave a review for us while you're listening, if you're extra nice. Now you might be divorced yourself. Or you might be thinking about getting divorced, or you might be single, or you might be happily in a relationship and just like the gossip or you might be a number of those things. Whatever you are right now you are very welcome listening to me interview fellow divorcees about their experiences made me so I feel less alone and mainly to just keep me busy, really. Welcome to The Divorce Club. I am joined by actor, comedian and Instagram star Jahannah James, welcome to The Divorce Club

Jahannah  01:03

love this. I love when I saw you were doing this online I was like Oh, fantastic idea. Nobody knows I'm divorced and I don't know that many other divorce people so Oh, I wanted to join

Sam  01:22

This is one of the weirdest bits about finding guests for the podcast though is it's quite hard to find out if people have been divorced unless you know them. Because it's not like there's no like database online of just all the divorced people. So it has been crazy since I've started since we released the first series. And then people come out of the woodwork and like I'm divorced and I never knew you were divorced.

Jahannah  01:46

Yeah, I've had that once where I was like, another sort of comedian friend of mine. We were on a project and I I let them know that I was divorced and he took me to one side and was like me too but I never speak about it and I was like, oh my god dude, me too. So yeah, it's like a little secret we can work out at parties I never eally speak about it. I've never fully fully spoken about it before. So this is kind of my you're taking my V plates off talking about my divorce.

Sam  02:05

and now publicly on a podcast Oh, no ones ever said that before. I'm quite excited.

Jahannah  02:12

Taking my V plates!

Sam  02:23

And I can't even drive so. Well. Welcome to The Divorce Club. You're so welcome. And I'm glad that you have a space to talk about divorce. I hope it's a nice first taking of your D plates experience. But how does that feel? Because obviously you don't talk about it a lot. When I say to you, you're divorced.

Jahannah  02:43

I if I'm honest, I got divorced so long ago that I forget that I am it actually, it's often like my friends will will bring it up more than me. They'll be like, wait, why don't you you were married to do what your wed and I'm like God, it was I was Yeah. And it's a big Mad how a whole massive portion of your life can happen. And then you can kind of fold it in a little box and close it and carry on

Sam  03:07

because you were quite young when you got divorced

Jahannah  03:10


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