Desiree Burch

"You always break up too late" Desiree Burch

In the final episode of this series, Samantha Baines talks to comedian, actor & presenter of Netlix's reality dating show 'Too Hot To Handle', Desiree Burch about finding the courage to go through the heartache of a break-up. 

Desiree tells us about a significant break-up in her past and how she found the strength to carry on with her show at The Edinburgh Fringe, making people laugh night after night, in the immediate aftermath of a painful, yet necessary break-up. 

Samantha and Desiree also talk about the loneliness of being with someone after the relationship has run its course, how relief and hope emerge through the pain and tears of heartbreak and why it's impossible not to cry on an airplane. 

Desiree also tells us why Pizza Express might be the perfect break-up venue and what she thinks about the beautiful people on reality dating series 'Too Hot To Handle', which she presents on Netflix. 

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